Buying a Used BMW in Toronto - Great Deals on Great Cars

BMWs are hardy pieces of automotive machinery, designed to be on the cutting edge of the industry and offer the latest and greatest in technology and design. However, these spectacles of German engineering are out of some buyers' budgets. Quality does not come cheap. However, there is a simple solution for drivers who want to own a car from Bavarian Motor Works--buy a used BMW. Azores Auto Group offers a fine selection of used BMW vehicles in Toronto, helping drivers save money and still get the car of their dreams. It is a win-win situation.

Before Buying a Used BMW

Before buying a used BMW, drivers should take the time to educate themselves on the brand and their model offerings. Drivers need to decide whether they want to focus on size or performance, family or fun. Is a sedan going to meet their needs, or is an SUV needed for additional space?


After considering the type of BMW they want, drivers next need to think about their budget. BMWs last a long time, but like any car, they are going to require maintenance eventually. Because of the quality of the parts, BMW maintenance is more expensive than other brands, both in terms of parts and in labor cost because certified mechanics require a higher price per hour. Insurance costs should also be considered because, as a luxury car, a BMW will probably cost more to insure.


Once budgets are set and models are picked out, the next step is for buyers to determine what their must-haves are in a BMW. Smartphone connectivity, a larger touchscreen display, additional driver-assist technologies are all available on different trim levels of a BMW. A great thing about buying used is that a lot more of these features are within reach of buyers. While they might have added too much cost to a new vehicle, on a used vehicle, buyers can often opt for a higher trim level with more features without going beyond their budget.

BMW 4 Series

Azores Auto Group offers several models of the BMW 4 Series for sale in Toronto. This two-door sports coupe offers an attractive design from the bold front end to the elegant roofline. It is a great choice for buyers who want a fun and fast BMW to call their own. While it might not be family-friendly, it offers punchy turbocharged engines, fuel efficiency, and plenty of features to keep drivers happy.


Another great used BMW available at Azore Auto Group in Toronto is the BMW X3 SUV. Even though it is an SUV, this fun-to-drive vehicle shares many similar features with the brand's well-known sports sedans. Three different powertrains are available to provide drivers with the performance that they want, and all offer good fuel economy and graceful driving dynamics. With space for the entire family plus cargo, the BMW X3 is a great used vehicle choice. Buying a used BMW in Toronto is a great choice for drivers who want luxury on a budget, and Azores Auto Group is ready and willing to help drivers find their next vehicle.